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ESWT is often considered when easier treatment modalities have failed. Many companies offer shock wave sources that use ballistic, electrohydraulic, electromagnetic, or piezoelectric transducers to generate either shock waves or radial pressure waves.

Nevertheless, more research is still needed because the cellular and molecular working mechanisms for most ESWT modalities are not fully understood. In many applications evidence is still inconclusive, mainly due to short follow-up times, small sample sizes, different parameters and equipment used, subjective scores, and lack of treatment blinding.

Comments on articles reporting bone and wound healing, treatments in dermatology, acupuncture, as well as ESWT to treat heart diseases are also included. A brief section of ESWT in veterinary medicine describes that devices designed to treat indications such as stress fractures, osteoarthritis, and injuries in tendons and ligaments of horses have been on the market for many years. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide.

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