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ALLenkaJense DavidSoymn Realtyslasy Annetkasig SimaFlawl UnmalsFilia ShaneApemo Valentine's Day is just around the corner, And so love Behandlung von Prostatitis Kirov SRI romance are on many customers' minds. NPR's Code Switch team has been specializing in interrelationships for their online series on cross cultural love. And the series has brought out some interesting stories about interracial encounters, Especially at a time when some people like to contemplate this as a post racial era.

So that's why we thought frequently,a lot of a good time to bring some of the voices from that online conversation to the Behandlung von Prostatitis Kirov SRI. And we also thought this might be a good time to dig into some of the facts and myths about interracial romance.

So joining us to do that, Noah Cho is a junior high school teacher and an editor for Hyphen magazine. And also with us for lots more perspective and we hope to separate some of the facts and fiction from fiction around interracial romances, NPR science correspondent, Shankar Vedantam. Welcome back to you as well. But how much of the population does this actually apply to?

So it's still a tiny minority, and that's, fairly often when interracial couples walk by the street, They draw looks. And one of the enduring stereotypes is that certain groups are particularly attracted to certain other groups. So is there any misconception or stereotype Behandlung von Prostatitis Kirov SRI you would particularly like to address about which people are more likely to date outside their race and which and where most interracial couples even live in this country?

And they found that racial stereotypes actually are gendered to the extent, in a way that Asians, ordinarily, Are perceived as being more feminine and blacks, the way in which, Are perceived to be more masculine. So there have been these stereotypes about the races were gendered. And is a part found was that white men, Heterosexual light men, Are far prone to be dating Asian women rather than black women, Whereas heterosexual white women usually tend to be dating black men rather than Asian men.

So in the overall dating pool Asian women seem to be prized for their femininity because Asians, in the main, Are stereotyped as being more feminine than sexy, Whereas black men are prized for their maleness, and as such, More revered in the dating pool, The heterosexual courting pool, because when a group, currently, Behandlung von Prostatitis Kirov SRI men or blacks are seen to be more manly. They appear to have less options in the dating pool. MARTIN: I want to hear more about your other things that you've discovered while in doing this research and reporting.

So rather Noah, Let's browse you. Your father was mandarin chinese, Your woman is white. And you said there was an in the piece, Actually a very touching piece, That you felt you're on the losing end of one of the ways stereotypes that Asian men are not desirable. Can you talk more about that?

And say thanks a lot again for being candid about it. CHO: also, sure. I didn't believe I was attracted or desired. When I was a little kid in the '80s, which include, you realize, it had the John Hughes movies, over "payback of the Nerds" which in fact had Getty Watanabe, you're certain, and hubby was very, unbelievably effeminate.

And he was, Really emasculated in many of ways. And I think ultimately shaped my view of myself. Naima, think about your diet you? Your story's many. You figure out as black. Your mom's Puerto Rican, And your father's charcoal. But you say Behandlung von Prostatitis Kirov SRI your racial identity or maybe your looks mean that persons, you feel, Are fascinated by you for all the wrong reasons.

Could you cover that? So I Behandlung von Prostatitis Kirov SRI as black, But I think I present sort of racially uncertain. So a lot of the times I feel exotified by plenty of who look at me and kind of project their fantasies of what they hope I might be, that will, I think being curious about someone's ethnicity simply wrong, It's just one occasion I identify as black, That should kind of be the end of the story unless I want to speak about it in great detail.

And often I find we kind of say, are you sure? Behandlung von Prostatitis Kirov SRI are you certain you're Behandlung von Prostatitis Kirov SRI regular black? And it kind of comes off very offensive. I've become, that you understand, do you think you're Vietnamese and French? I'm comparable to, quite, what can make you think, fully grasp, Why that projection? So you realise, The fact that you'd ask Vietnamese or Korean or Hawaiian and Peruvian and black, It's kind of excellent, Kind of the questions that I get.

MARTIN: Do you mind if I ask since you do also identify as bisexual do men do you feel that you get the same from men Behandlung von Prostatitis Kirov SRI well as women? You wrote some excellent piece, significantly, this, About how you have a little bit more sympathy for black men who exoticize, If I'm implying it right, Who exoticize you than you do for white men since kind of feel like, of hospitality attire case, It's similar to their own internal stuff, With another case, You feel like it's their advantage.

And Behandlung von Prostatitis Kirov SRI you aren't feeling that at all. But I thought i'd know, Do men and women do you feel equally give you that the people who are Behandlung von Prostatitis Kirov SRI to kind of put project something on you, Do you feel you get that equally for both males and females?

So I think as a rule, you understand, I kind of give a pass to men of color who extremely exoticize. So I kind of understand, And it's kind of which I think, Because we identify under a unifying patio umbrella of black identity, That we can have that conversation.

But with regard to dating white men, there is kind of, reminiscent of, That allowance kind of diminishes. And on the net that, When about women, That now about my ethnicity comes like further, Further later on.