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Prostatakrebs ist eine Injektion einmal im Monat

Sonntag, 1. Juni Effekte des Milchkonsums auf die Sterblichkeit aufgrund von Prostata- und Eierstockkrebs -- Ergebnisse einer panelökonometrischen Analyse. Endlich ist die Working-Paper Version -- inklusive ausführlicher deutschsprachiger Zusammenfassung -- meiner Studie zum Thema Milchkonsum und Prostata- und Eierstockkrebs fertig. Summary of Results direct quotes. Chan et al. These results support the hypothesis that dairy products and calcium are associated with a greater risk of prostate cancer.

Michaud et al. Individual Level. Intakes of red meat and dairy products appear to be related to increased risk of metastatic prostate cancer.

Ganmaa et al. Aggregate Country. Berndt et al. Dairy products, including milk, were not associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. The adjusted odds ratio of prostate cancer was 1. Rodriguez, et al. Dairy intake was not associated with prostate cancer risk. Tseng et al. Our findings are consistent with most studies that observed an elevated risk of prostate cancer with greater dairy or milk intake. Zhang and Kesteloot Positive Analyse der Prostata this ecological study, we demonstrated a strong, significant, positive association between milk consumption and incidence of prostate and female breast cancers.

Colli Positive Analyse der Prostata Colli Koh et al. Torniainen et al. Analysis of different milk products showed some evidence for low-fat milk as a potential risk factor for prostate cancer. Park et al. Ahn et al. Allen et al. The results support the hypothesis that a high intake of protein or calcium from dairy products may increase the risk for prostate cancer.

Torfadottir et al. These data suggest that frequent milk intake in adolescence increases risk of advanced prostate cancer. Melnik et al. Epidemiological evidence Positive Analyse der Prostata to increased dairy protein consumption as a major dietary risk factor for the development of PCa [Prostate Cancer]. Pettersson et al. We observed decreased risk of lethal disease among men with higher intakes of post-diagnostic low-fat dairy intake, and increased risk of lethal prostate cancer among men with higher intakes of whole milk.

Song et al. Bosetti et al. Among other protein-rich foods, fish Positive Analyse der Prostata been found to have a protective effect on cancer of the ovary, whereas milk, dairy products and eggs did not show any relevant association with ovarian cancer.

Goodman et al. Consumption of all dairy products, all types of milk, and low-fat milk was Positive Analyse der Prostata inversely related to risk of ovarian cancer …, but consumption of whole milk was not.

These results suggest that intake of low-fat milk, calcium, or lactose may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Nagle et al. Pan et al. Larsson et al. No significant association was found for other subtypes of ovarian cancer. Milk was the dairy product with the strongest positive association with serous ovarian cancer. Ganmaa and Sato. Genkinger et al. A modest elevation in the risk of ovarian cancer was seen for lactose intake at the level that was equivalent to three or more servings of milk per day.

Koralek et al. No Positive Analyse der Prostata significant relations were Positive Analyse der Prostata for consumption of specific dairy foods, lactose, or vitamin D and ovarian cancer risk. Kiani et al. Mommers et al. No association was seen between consumption of milk, yoghurt, cheese or fermented dairy products and ovarian cancer risk. Schulz et al. In addition, meat subgroups red meat, poultry, processed meat and dairy products milk, yogurt, cheese did not show any relationships with incident OVC Table 2.

Dairy food, dietary, supplemental, and total calcium were not related to breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancer. Dolecek, McCarthy and Joslin An increased HR Hazard Ratio was also observed for the milk all Positive Analyse der Prostata subgroup ….

Faber et al. In addition, ovarian cancer development was associated with lactose intake. Merritt et al. Neuerer Post Älterer Post Startseite. Incidence Mortality. Incidence Progression. We observed decreased risk of lethal disease among men with higher intakes of post-diagnostic low-fat dairy intake, and increased risk of lethal prostate cancer among men with higher intakes of whole milk Ganmaa and Sato